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Sash Window Repairs by Pembroke & Nash

Sash Window Repair, the art of window restoration

In early times there were windows that were designed that used an intricate way to open them either up or down. They are called sash window and being able to fix them is a very viable and important possibility to creating a business. Deciding to focus on sash window repair means you will create a business that can bring focus to a troublesome repair.

Using balances, compression, weights, cords, and springs these windows are specialised and intricate. Being well versed in the mechanisms, creation, and wood utilised will give you a one up on any other repair person. Knowing this will give you the edge in bidding for any repair or renovation job.

Wood is the frame for these panes of glass, therefore, if you understand how wood ages it will give you insight into repairing. With weather and extreme hardship, the softwood will change. This knowledge will give you a better feel for the repair and how to go about finding the heart of the issue with the window you are addressing.

The main problems that occur with these pieces come from the wood. With swelling or shrinkage you have problems with the fit and function of the window. Then the mechanisms and cords can become overused and break.

There is a specific way to fix the window. If where you live, there are many styled homes then you find that your services will be needed at some point. Learning from locations that specialise in the materials that are used to fix these windows will give you expertise that clients will be glad to pay for.

Because there are so many intricate parts to the window and combine that with the age of the units, and you will find that most homeowners will find this project way above their fix-it skills. Therefore you can help them and establish yourself as a professional in this arena. That means they will give your name to others that might have the same problem.

Having different ways to go about the fixing of the window will also endear you to your client. No one wants to feel they have no choice in the matter. By giving them the opportunity to pick a repair based on a replacement kit, you will give them a price break they just may need. Or you can show them the difference between the two and let them choose. This will be a good incentive to them choosing you to do the job.

This is a market that is specialised and as such gives you the opportunity to focus. If you have a high level of sash window repairs available, you can find that your business grows as you show quality work at a good cost. No matter what, if the window breaks someone is going to have to fix it, and that might as well be you.

The Sash windows are around, and this is have been so for a long time hence they have been entrenched in construction history. Sash windows have played a big role in giving buildings, especially those from earlier times, character. This is why sash window repair is important.

This should give you a clear picture why many companies dealing with such repairs have come up. You will also understand whether it is economically viable to start a professional sash window repair business. Operating such a venture will allow you to replace and restore windows in older buildings making them more attractive and energy efficient.

To run a successful business run professionally, one should bear certain factors in mind. The first consideration should be the building regulations for the intended location. Remember replacement windows are considered within the scope of building regulations especially regarding improving the thermal efficiency of homes.

For perfect levels of energy efficiency, your business should provide the best quality double glazed windows. Regulation certification might also be required depending on the intended location of your business. This certification should be made available to clients for services rendered and is helpful especially when such a person decides to sell the house. This is because the buyer’s attorneys might request it.

Also, you should realise that a professional business has to comply with certain requirements. For instance, the business requires adequate employers liability, public liability insurance, and the capability to provide your clients with the insurance backed guarantee policy for installed windows.

Apart from compliance with regulations, you should also be capable of providing quality service to your clients. This means you should not engage in one line of repairs only. Remember, sash windows suffer from many types of problems such as paint shut, broken cords, unbalanced weights, stiff pulley wheels and draughty among others. It is, therefore, great if you can offer overhauls as well as individual problem resolution.

In general, the success of your professional sash window repair business will be based on ability to solve client problems. For instance, some of your customers will be living in conservation areas and listed buildings hence you should be able to talk them through various restrictions while providing a satisfactory solution. You should also be able to provide different solutions to a client and provide sufficient explanation with each solution. For instance, you should explain why not all double glazing is the same. With this information, it should be easy to start your sash window repair business.

The paintwork will begin to flake or crack and should be stripped and repainted at five-year intervals. The cords may have broken. Failed putty and loose or broken panes are easy to replace. Often the wood has decayed due to lack of maintenance, especially along the bottom strip. Fillers can be used for small areas of decay while loose corner joints can have corner brackets placed over them to strengthen them.

You will be treating wood rot, replacing glass panes, weights, and cords. Old coats of paint should be thoroughly stripped. Be careful of lead toxins as the original paintwork is often lead-based. Use detergents like sugar soap and sand the wood down to remove any residual dust.

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